Friday, August 22, 2014

Style Crush: Eva Chen

Editor-in-chief at Lucky magazine Eva Chen always strikes me as the most approachable fashion editor in the industry. She worked previously at Teen Vogue when social media started to happen and grew her own personal audience on Instagram and Tumblr. Today she still seems down-to-earth in a way most of the fash-pack isn't; she dabbles in purple hair and posts weekly nail art. Style-wise she's a minimalist with an eye for color and pattern. Even her most eclectic ensembles feature clean lines and a minimum of accessories.

The Burbs

Happy Friday everyone. I've got a to-do list a mile long and I'm trying to mix in some much needed catching up with friends so I'll keep the text brief today. I'm in my late summer (or really any time of the year) wardrobe: swingy dress, long cardigan, cross body purse, and ballet flats. This is my style default; the pieces I go back to again and again and put on whenever it's more about wearing clothes than getting dressed in any special style. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Outfit details:
Forever21 cardigan (similar)
Fred Flare dress (similar)
purse from Camden Market

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don Fisher Shop

Thomas frequently takes me fishing when I visit him (we're strictly catch & release people) and while I never envisioned myself as a fisher, it is climbing in my list of favorite leisure activities. So, a fish-themed purse or wallet isn't completely out of character. I really like these detailed, colorful designs by Don Fisher. Even the interior features a quirky print that looks like a fish skeleton. 

Hat Lady

This summer I made a goal to wear more hats. "Goal" sounds like too grand a word really--more hats are hardly on my bucket list. It's just that I noticed a lot of my favorite street fashion pictures lately have been of women wearing hats, so I decided that I needed to add to my collection and wear some of the ones I already have too. When you're working towards moving it's not the most practical ambition since a lot of hats need to be stored/shipped properly to avoid getting bent out of shape. However simple felt hats like this one are great; this one has already made a couple of moves with me and ended up stuffed into boxes between books and other random bits & bobs and thankfully it goes back to nearly the original shape every time.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat (similar)
purse from Camden market

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Minna Parikka

I was first introduced to Minna Parikka shoes through one of my favorite now defunct bloggers Ranna. The shoes always complimented her classic, quirky style and I admired them and her scalloped purse by the same brand. Recently I stumbled across their latest, cheeky "head over heels" lookbook and decided to look up the brand again. I'm glad I did because the styles are as beautiful as I remember; red glitter heels ala Dorothy, quirky bunny ear tongues, and sweet hexagonal bags? I'm quite smitten and a lot of these styles are on sale...

Men Amaze to Win the Palm, the Oak, the Bays

Most of the time my clothes receive approval from my friends and family, while occasionally they remark, "I wouldn't wear that, but it's cool enough." Sometimes however an item gets more head scratches than bemused acceptance. This dress falls into the latter category. People thought it was a bit too ruffly and wondered if the pink trim matched the blue and white print. But ahem, see how perfectly the dress matches my accessories? If it wasn't meant to be why would I already have the perfect shoes and purse to wear with it, hm? My favorite detail about the dress however is the way it moves. It makes me want to go dancing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mirai Chan

I'm not usually a sucker for photographs of children, or really children in general! Sure I've known a some nice kids, but I'm just not that girl who sees a baby or cute kid and starts going "awww." However, some children just have an amazing presence that seems to grip you with near star-like quality; the adorable Mirai-chan is one of those children.
The chubby cheeked Japanese four year old was photographed for one year by Kawashima Kotori who published the series in a book. The four year old was given the pseudonym Mirai-chan ("Mirai" meaning future in Japanese) and has since gone on to win the hearts of people all over the world. The series functions as documentation on one hand as we witness her in candid moments with food on her face or laughter bursting from her lips and even tears welling in her eyes. The photographer, Kotori, however views his series as conceptual; in renaming the girl he uses her to represent all that is lovable in human nature. Although Japanese and recorded on the island of Sado her winning spirit is universal--showing the best of human kind and what we have in common.
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