Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Outfit: Sunflowers & Rompers

I have, sadly, yet to find a sunflower field in Northern Ireland to take pictures in, but I am on the lookout. I stole these from the vase in our kitchen to snap a few pictures with in a forest near our home--they just suited my outfit too much to resist!
There's a lot of versatility to a little romper like this one. I like the simple black & white pattern that allows you to add any color you'd like through accessories or layers--and b&w patterns are so nice for transitioning between seasons. On a warm day like this a bright yellow cardigan makes sense, but on grayer early-fall days I can wear this with thigh high socks, ankle boots, and a parka. I even undid the tie front and crossed them over to the back and tied them there--now it looks like a simple faux wrap front. Anyway, it's a sweet little romper but what I love most about it is how it inspires me to think of different stylings and explore its versatility; nothing beats new pieces that can be worn loads of different ways.

details: sunglasses, old cardigan, necklace, Skylar Belle romper c/o, old flats, old purse
*all pictures by me*

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Outfit: The Fluffiest Sweater

This sweater is, as the title of my post implies, the fluffiest sweater ever. At least the fluffiest and softest that I have encountered, although I do admit to not having tested every sweater in the world. Still it's soft, ombre pink with a bit of sparkle to it, and slightly magical. I want to wear it every day and it matches my favorite milkshake purse and new-ish phone case perfectly.

details: sweater, shorts, Tieks flats, Nila Anthony purse, rabbit ring, Valfre phone case
*all pictures by me*

Monday, August 31, 2015

Beauty: Three Ways To Wear An Extra Large Barrette

Three easy hairstyles for long hair featuring an extra large barrette.

I recently received a few hair accessories from the lovely French brand Les cerises de Mars. The pieces are absolutely gorgeous, like this oversized plume barrette. The barrette is definitely my favorite piece, but it seemed daunting at first to find ways to style it. With a little experimentation I found three easy hairstyles that work wonderfully with this extra large barrette. Check out my two other hairstyles featuring the barrette and an explanation on how to get each look below.
Style one: the half up, half down 'do. This one is a no brainer; skip your usual hairtie and use this large barrette to hold the top section of your hair in place. It's an easy style and the large barrette really elevates the everyday look of this 'do.
Style two: sideswept. I feel like this is a style you see on the red carpet a lot, but not as much in person. It works the same as the half up 'do; just take the front section of your hair from one side, sweep it back and pin it in place with the barrette. Again simple, but dramatic--my favorite sort of hairstyle!
Style three: the triple bun up 'do. A single bun would look out of place with this barrette and as much as I enjoy Sailor Moon, I don't want to channel "meatball head" so three small buns at the back were a perfect balance for the barrette. The buns are simple twists held in place with small elastics and a couple of bobby pins; they look best a little messy so just pin them loosely and allow small pieces to fall out.

Outfit: BONjour

We, Americans, love to romanticize the French. Especially like their style and that so-called Parisian chic. It's a few too many Godard movies and suddenly every baguette and beret is imbued with some special charisma. I'm also a victim of the French-effect. I love my striped tops and my berets (especially when it's actually cold enough to need a hat!), although I had previously avoided the cliche French-phrase-tee. One cannot escape forever it seems and I couldn't resist this sweet "BONjour!" tee by Two String Jane and matching necklace since the playful capitalization and cheeky speech bubble seems to be poking fun at the whole thing. To me this outfit says, "yes I'm a walking cliche, but I know it and I'm in on the joke." Or at the very least I understand if you have the urge to laugh at me--at least I didn't carry around a baguette as my prop!

details: beret, Two String Jane tee & necklace, vintage belt, old skirt (similar), flats, old purse
*all pictures by me*

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Outfit: The Dita Effect

Channeling my inner Dita Von Teese in today's rather extravagent look...
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